Friday, July 16, 2010

The Founding; Day 3, Rise of the Drachen

As you can tell, my APC has turned out a lot better than it was a day ago. On Day 1 I started painting this tank, which is the first tank I've ever painted. It took three layers of watered blue to get a smooth look, and I am very happy with the results.

On this tank I have the side hatches off, mostly because this one came from ebay, and had Black Templar panels on it. I have Chaos smoke launchers, and chaos demon heads on the front. Those are to counter the Templar icons that are located on the front and back of the Rhino.

It is made to be a versatile craft. For my Chaos marines it is the Chosen's ride, for Marines it is the transport for my veterans and I decided to try and make it look well decorated. As you may or may not know, my Chaos marine chapter is the Plasma Drakes, the flip side of the coin, before they went to chaos, I'm calling them the Blitz Drachen. That essentially is the translation for plasma drakes in german, but it allows for a double meaning. The reference to Blitz fits the fast moving mech of the blood angel rules I'm using. Drachen also fits for the amount of jump infantry available in the BA codex.

 The Drachen on the hatches turned out very well, the "lightning bolts" on the sides not so much. They are supposed to look more like what is on the gunners shoulder. I'm trying to decided if I'm going to try and fix them, and how, or just paint back over them.

The treads and wheels need work, and need to be finished up. I'm probably not going to test out any dirt effects, as the veterans are supposed to have the newest toys. Next tank shouldn't take three days (I hope) and then I can test mud and other effects.

Again, Ideas or suggestions?


  1. I like the black bolt style on the gunner. Making the bolt a bit more jagged and maybe forking the ends would help.

    I like.

  2. I like the front end of the rhino with the scroll work and iconography - nice work.