Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oops, ...Day10?

So I have been slacking, I know. Wednesday I had the guys come over, and we did a sealed draft for M11. I'm not really getting back into Magic, but I like to keep up to date on everything. I normally give about Twenty dollars budget per set to have fun. So that took up my Wednesday update, Friday.... I was busy packing to get up to my apartment. When I finally got up here, my roommates had gotten a new wireless router,...and forgot to tell me the password. But now I am up here, with no TV nor video games. So here is my plan...

Above is roughly my marine collection. I am up here for a week and I plan on continuing my updates and working on them every day this week while I can. I'm going to keep them on display so I am reminded to work on them. I'll update the picture as things progress. [ I got both landraiders and the speeder primed. Yay me!]

And this is my standard 1.5k Tyranid army plus trygon. Yes, there really is only two completely painted models there. I'm going to try and piggy back off of my marine updates to help me get some of them finished. Maybe in between painting blue power armor I can get some of them done.

Oh, and in my rush to get up here, I forgot one important bit. Sunday is a 1.5k tournament I was planning on going to. It is one of the main reasons I was trying to work on my marines to diligently. But if you remember my Jump infantry update, I had an assault squad out on a table. Well that table is down in my basement, it is where I use the dremel and such. I left them there, so my BA list I was going to use is now incomplete. So I may just use my Nids once again. We'll see how it goes, either way I will not have a painted army for tomorrow. I'm just not that efficient.

I'll post battle reports and progress reports in a day or so, keep an eye out!


  1. And another folly of mine, I left any printed army list in the basement as well. looks like crappy hand written ones for tomorrow.

  2. Handwritten is the best, it shows you really care and put effort into it.