Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Founding; Day 6, Death Company

So while I've been working on my army for this coming weekend, I managed to get a game in yesterday to test out how well my list plays. Ok, So pretty much my basic list right now looks like this;
Lib (sword and Shield)
5-man DC with one powerweapon
Redeemer, MM.
5-man Assault squad, Flamer
Godhammer LR

5-man Assault squad, Meltagun
Razorback, HB, Hk
5-man Assault squad, Meltagun
Razorback, TL H-Flamer, Hk
5-man Assault squad, Meltagun
Rhino (suicide squad)
Landspeeder Typhoon
Landspeeder Typhoon
 1,500 points
Nothing amazing, nothing incredibly Blood angel dependent. Fast rhinos and DC are the only real things that separate this list from Vanilla marines. Back to the game, It was a 2v1, 3k each side.

It was myself and Salamanders vs 3k of Space wolves. Spear head deployment and one objective per side. This isn't a battle report, so long story short; We took the battle to him, overwhelmed his anti-tank weapons with targets, and took out all of his transports early on. Win us.
The fun part is what happened in the middle. The I had my DC, Reclusiarch and Lib in the redeemer, and the Wolf player had 15 blood claws and Ragnar in a LR crusader. We drove them at each other, both firing Multi-meltas. Mine failed to hit, his were prevented by my Shield psyker power. We had them almost 1" away from each other, we joked that we would just fight from the hatches of one to the other.
On turn two the Salamander player brought some more meltas up and popped the Crusader. I had hoped it would work and had deployed my DC and Rec out of my Redeemer, and set the land raider up to roast some Wolves. Three blood claws died from the exploding LR, five more died from inferno cannons roasting them. That left seven blood claws and Ragnar, to get assaulted by 5 Death company and my Rec. Our Characters didn't get to fight each other by way of deployment, but it led to a fun fight (for me).
The Reclusiarch swung and killed 3 wolves, while the power weapon DC killed the other 4. Ragnar struck at my squad, and killed off 2 normal guys. They all swung at initiative 5 on the charge so the 4 normal death company returned attacks and overwhelmed Ragnar with wounds.
My 245 point heavy assault squad just killed a 240 point character and how ever much the blood claws were worth. They then consolidated toward the longfangs since rage kicked in.

Heavy weapons ate into the squad who were in the open and threatening the Long fangs. All but the chaplain and powerweapon DC died. Grand wolf Logan detached from a squad and decided to charge in, in addition to a Dread who had his gun arm blown off earlier.
Logan swung his might axe, and two grand wounds were forced onto my Reclusiarch. Both of which were prevented by his Rosarius. With succesful invulnerable saves made, the chaplain made his attacks against Logan, dealing three wounds, and Logans Belt of Russ did not favor him that battle and failed all three Invuln saves. Another 275 points racked up for my Rec. The dread then smashed my last Death company.

Having survived combat with Logan and a Dreadnought, My Reclusiarch no longer wished to tempt fate, and thus called in reinforcements. Out of the now imobilized Redeemer jumped the Librarian, who assaulted in and used the Sword psyker power to make himself S10 in close combat, which scored him two pens, exploding the dreadnought.

The chaplain got stuck in the open from consolidation, and looked down the barrel of some Lascannons. The Librarian managed to make it farther away, but could not join in a squad in time. The long fangs split fire, two lascannons hitting the Reclusiarch, instant killing him from a failed save, and two plasma cannons hit my Librarian who has no invulnerable save to try for.

Thus my 350 point Assault unit, took out two big characters and racked up 700 points worth of kills before being gunned down. I've decided they now deserve names and will be soon painted.
For now I'm starting on my DC.

I'm not sure how well you can tell the glowing rage filled eyes of his, but trust me they are there. So for this update, again not too much has been done, I did spend a decent amount of time working on my jump infantry. They are not in my current list, and are not being used for the upcoming tournament, but they are fun to build.

The next two days are filled with work, and hopefully painting. Until the next update!
Keep hunting, be you wolves, salamanders or Deathcompany!

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