Saturday, April 12, 2014

Adepticon Team Tournament Day 2

By TheGraveMind
Going into Day two, we were able to decide how our team was split. We decided running Dark angels and Iron hands, along with Blood angels and Crimson fists had the best split of list and player options.

Game 4 was against So Cal Elite, running all eldar. The game was Relic and Kill points. I already knew it was going to be a rough game, but I thought we had a good chance of pulling it off. We had first turn with night fight, we'd grab the relic at the beginning, and then be threatening them from turn 1.

Instead we got seized upon, and they crippled a lot of our units and scored first blood. They also got their movement in for cover, and positioning.

It went completely down hill from there, as we killed maybe one or two units, and we were getting slaughtered. As you can tell by the fact I have random pictures of their models instead of pictures of the game. The Iron hand Chapter master was the only model left alive at the end of turn 5. He had almost stopped them from claiming the relic but got bogged down in combat. He had about 6 units engaged with him at a time, would win combat by 1 and two units or so would flee and make room for another to charge in. It was a sight to see.

Our other half ended up pulling out a strong victory, while we had a major defeat. We were now 6-2 over all, still not a bad record considering we had almost max points on all our victories.

Game 5 Was against Sons of Shatner. They were playing tau and eldar, and had amazing looking models. This mission was pure objectives, 5 total, two being worth 10 points and the others worth five points. A Max of 25 points could be scored. We won the roll for first turn.

Our first turn saw tons of infantry fire go into some fire warriors, but going to ground they managed to stay alive. We fired both of our Orbital Bombardments into the broadside unit, and both had direct hits. This killed all the drones and broadsides except the last one who made a 6+ go to ground roll.
From there the Eldar moved about and tried to kill off units while the tau bunkered down. It took us almost 4 turns to kill 4 Fire warriors on the objective, as they kept going to ground for a 2+ cover save. The Wraithknight assaulted into the Iron hand Bike squad with the chapter master, and stayed their for the entire game. (this was the 4 Wraithknight that the Iron hand Chapter master had to fight in combat this weekend.) HSM pushed his bikes towards the tau, and finally cleared them off, as they were protecting a 10 point objective. My chapter master made it to combat with the riptide and commander, and killed them in combat. He would then bounce over to try and save the Iron Hand Chapter Master from the Wraithknight, but would only make it in time to see his death. Yet he would avenge him at Initiative 1.

The rest of my bike squads had all combat squaded, and were trying to tie up the rest of the scoring units. I killed one unit of eldar bikes, and was locked in combat with yet another. I turbo boosted my chapter master to contest where the Tau fire warriors had walked on from reserve. The kroot had outflanked but I had kept them back so they couldn't make it in time. Mean while a warp spider squad was able to jump over and contest our back field objective, and the last squad of eldar bikes move cross table to grab another. 

In the end we had grabbed both 10 point objectives, and barely had one more for max 25 points, while they contested another and their bikes grabbed the last one giving them 5 points. We both had line breaker, both had slay the warlord, and they got first blood on us. It was a very Brutal and fun game where it came down to 1-3 man squads maneuvering for end game victory.

Our other half had a similar experience, Having a lot of fun while pressing their advantage when they could. A Huge Shout out to the Sons of Shatner, who were great opponents and tough players all the way!
We ended the weekend winning 8/10 games, our only two losses were both when we were seized on. We had almost max points in game, and knew we had bombed painting and theme.

The even results were posted the next day, HERE, and we Ended up 22nd out of around 120 over all, which is amazing. We were 3rd place in Battle points, and lost out in the other scoring as we expected. Most importantly we had a lot of fun and we are excited to try our luck again next year with more time and preparation!

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