Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some more games with the new tyranids.

By TheGraveMind

Recently Rockstar had an event for Escalation, where it was basically a bring anything even. I gathered up my painted tyranids, with my scythed heirodule I had finished not to long ago and headed out. There were plenty of Imperial Knights, and stand ins, as well as war hounds and void shields.

I dodged all of those and played Scotty with his Drop pod Vulcan list. Yes, those beautiful Green Salamanders came back to fight me once more.
These same marines that had the gonads to fight my tau in combat at Frostycon!
 It was one objective each with hammer and anvil. He had first turn, but was mostly in pods, two storm ravens and two land speeder storms with scouts. I didn't get any good powers/combinations. Nova on my slow tervigon, horror on the zoanthropes, and warpblast and onslaught on both flyrants. I used my 30 gaunt squad to keep him back from my big guys.

 He brings some small squads to the side and uses multiple flamers to kill a lot of gaunts.
 Vulcan drops in the front to lead the assault. I lost around 20 gaunts on turn one, plus some wounds plinked around. My 'Dule finished off marine squads, and his only real accomplishment was killing Vulcan, but took 3 wounds from him in the process! Hive tyrants were shot down early by storm ravens, The tervigon died to vulcan and melta, as did my 'Dule. My MVPs were the mawlocs, who were able to bounce around and kill squads and contest back field objectives for a bit. They eventually died, causing me to be tabled bottom of 5th. The turn before they both had lived with one wound left, one both objectives, which would have netted me the win, if I hadn't brought a super heavy giving bonus points.

My second game was against an Ork Dread Mob, led my Forge world Mek dreads. It was multiple objectives on hammer and anvil. My MCs smashed into the dreads, and the DCC smashed back. The game was brutal and my tyrants passing a lot of grounding tests saved the game for me, while ArchFiend was able to make some good repairs with his meks. In the end I had two gaunt squads sitting on back field objectives, and he had two small boy squads sitting on his two objectives. My last tyrant faced off against his last Dread and barely lost. I lost that game as well by the bonus points of my Lord of War.

Having a 535 point CC Lord of war that is only as survivable as a Wraith knight seemed to really hinder me both games. Adding to my disappointment was comparing them to Imperial knights, who have I4 close combat D, and my 200 point more expensive Gargantuan can't reliably fight it with out dying before swinging.

I also got to see some wonderful models, but my camera skills and rushed snap shots don't do them justice. Back to the painting tables with me!

Those are some amazing wings!

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