Sunday, April 27, 2014

Knights of the 6x4 table

I was able to make it down to bloomingtons tournament last weekend. I brought my space marines this time and decided to give them a try. I had gotten a practice game against a Knight primary army the day before with my tau, and it seemed I was going to get practice in with my marines now too.
My first game was against a Knight list, with space marine allies. It was a five objective missions, so I though I had the advantage. We had night fight and he deployed spread out, so I refused flank to deny him good shooting first turn. First turn went in my favor as I killed his sternguard, his droppod, and his first knight. Second turn my storm talon blew up his storm raven. From there it went down hill as I got poor assault distance rolls, he got remove from play stomp effects, and I failed about three ld tests in a row while forgetting about atsknf (I'm a xenos player.....shhh)
The game ended with him having one knight left, and I had a tac squad on the other far side of the table for a tie. I won by linebreaker and first blood as we both had slay the warlord. Overall knights don't seem to be a push over list. They are beatable just like the deathstar lists, and can be a bit rock paper scissors in match ups. Some lists will struggle against them, and others won't. If your army can handle AV13 walkers, you should be fine.


  1. Ask your buff commander how he likes knights :)

  2. The top photo looks awfully familiar. :P

    But at the end of the day, you hit the nail on the head for my "gripe" with knights. Big game of RPS.