Friday, April 11, 2014

Adpeticon Team Tournament Day 1.

By TheGraveMind

 We started off unsure on what to expect, this was our first time at the event. We were paired up so that I (Dark angels as white scars) was teamed up with Iron hands. This was good as it allowed our tournament players to be split and work with our casual players in the first round.

We were faced against Imperial Fists and Crimson fists, Which is an odd mirror match up to our overall team. Our blood angel and Crimson fist counter parts faced against white scars and Space wolves. Our opponents had two squads of Centurions, a vindicator and thunder fire, storm talon, and scouts. Along with tacticals and stern guard in droppods. 

The mission was five objectives and killpoints. We had turn one and turbo boosted our bikes to only a few inches away from their front lines while our Pod dropped marines on our back objective. Their first turn shooting only managed to kill a single bike, due to cover saves and Chapter masters leading the front. Centurions assaulted a squad of mine, I killed two and then hit and run past.

From there we picked our fights, gaining kill points quickly and then pulling back as their droppods landed in our back field. They simply couldn't get through our fast, tough wound pools of troops, and we ended up grabbing max points.

Game two set both of us with White scars together. Our Blood angels and Dark angel forces were facing an Necron team. The above image is there just to show how many scythes we had to face against. Almost each list was the same, consisting of a lord, 3 scythes and an anilation barge. This game was table quarters and Killpoints. We were a bit concerned as all of our Anti-air units were both with our other teammates.

We were able to claim first blood by killing a Barge, and they killed some bikes in return. When their fliers came on, they were able to get side armor of the Sicaran Tank and took it out. This was a major kill for them as it was a Heavy 6, twin linked rending autocannon. We were able to kill the wraiths down to one, and then struggled to kill it in combat for 2 more turns.

The only Flier we were able to take down, by focusing all of our grav and plasma, was the one that contained the warlord. The following turns saw my chapter master and the warlord in a combat/challenge fighting to the death, and then reanimation and to the death again. We ended up winning mostly by speed and mobility and having darn durable troops. Our other team ended up struggling more than we did, but pulled out a win, though with fewer points I believe.

 Game Three pitted us against Taudar, with the mission being Marked for death and multiple objectives. This meant that only one players units counted for kill points. We picked the tau side, and they picked me as the white scars. I was teamed up with GravyGhost and his crimson fists.

Knowing that the Tau had more Killpoints in his list than I had in mine, once we broke the line, we would quickly pass them in kill points, and then just have to worry about the objectives. I sacrificed my Bikes, crashing into their lines, drawing fire and crippling where I could to give GravyGhost the late game advantage. It seemed to be a risky maneuver, but worked in the end, as his Chapter master, bikes and storm talon plowed through the lines, killing a squad a turn. He was able to claim a back field objective, while contesting theirs, so we scored max points, only missing out on first blood.

Our other half got seized on after making an aggressive scout move, and paid a fierce price. While not tabled, they had very little left, and suffered a sound defeat.

We ended Day 1 with 5 out of 6 games as victories. For a team with limited experience and no preparation, we were already doing beyond our expectations. We were having a great time and were playing against great opponents. 4 broke dads, Silver Snakes, TauDar, all played great games. We knew we through ourselves into hard territory for day 2, but we would take on what ever challengers we were faced against.

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