Thursday, April 10, 2014

Team Battle Mallet!!

By TheGraveMind
Some of us from Battle Mallet club (TheGravemind, GravyGhost, Master of the Mallet, and The Human Space Marine) Went to Adepticon this past weekend and played in the Team Tournament. This was our first year, and we were basically going to test the waters. We made a lot of last minute list changes, and we didn't even know the exact details of what our teammates were using until the day of. But we had a blast, and below is some pictures of what we took.

  Master of the Mallet painted up his 30k Blood angels and ran them as white scars. He had to go and show everyone up with his amazing painting. GravyGhost had painted up more of his Crimson fists, and brought them along. The Human Space Marine (HSM)  has been working on some Iron hands and was able to bring a good amount of them into the fold. Lastly, I rushed to assemble and paint my Dark angel successor chapter, The Wardens of Truth, as a full bike army to play as white scars.

I ran a Chapter Master on bike and three full bike squads.
The blood angels had Khan, Two full bike squads, a 5 man bike squad, and a Sicarian Battle tank.
Crimson Fists Brought A chapter master on bike, Two 5 man Bike squads, a Tactical squad in a Pod, A Scorpous Whirlwind, a Thunder fire, and a Storm Talon.
The Iron hands ran out of the the Suppliment Clan book, with a Chapter master with Gorgons chain, and axe of medusa on a bike, Two full bike squads, a Stalker, and a Tactical squad in a drop pod.

When on display and before each game, we kept hearing "that's a lot of bikes" haha.

HSM and Master of the Mallet had never been to a real tournament before, with HSM having only started playing less than a year now. Both had a pretty good time and did very well for themselves. It was good that us Tournament veterans on the team, GravyGhost and myself were split with them most games to help out.

I think we are all still in shock in how well we did. We all play with each other at the club, so we get a long great and there wasn't really any issue playing on a team. We coordinated well, and I feel this was a large part that contributed to just how amazing we did. My hat is tipped to my teammates. I hope we can do it again next year!

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