Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A week of Escalating Assauld Day: 2

By TheGraveMind
(Hoping I can start getting home earlier than 9pm to get these up sooner for people to read. )Today's post isn't straight from Escalation or from Stronghold Assault, but is some what tied into the argument about allowing them at Tournaments. Are Super heavies really the next counter to the Top Armies?

Recently I wanted to test out my list against the fabled ScreamerStar. I found a Deamon Player willing to run me through the ropes. I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into, but I planned on seeing it through and doing the best I could.
 We Rolled up Purge the alien and I thought I was gone for good. Besides the screamer unit, he only had 4 other Kill points in his list. I had somewhere closer to twelve. I deployed defensively, and he scouted his hounds and hid his screamers and fate weaver.

It took my entire armies shooting but I just killed the last Hound turn 1, netting me first blood, and a safety from assault for this turn. He Cast up on his screamers and moved them towards me. I got super lucky and Deny the witched his shooting spells on my forward marines. In retrospect he should have just turbo boost up to my face, but he had the distance next turn regardless. I managed to hit and ground fateweaver with a pot shot from my riptide who was able to move sideways to gain LoS. 4 Sniper drones were then able to single shot at him, all hit, all wound, and he fails all saves.

 I was lucky enough to get Misfortune, and he failed to Deny, which allowed me to drag him down with volume of fire, slowly making him roll ones, which he no longer got to reroll. Mean while My riptide was bogged down by demonetts that had deepstruck, and more that came from a portaglyph.

 With some good Placement on my part, and even worse armor saves, He ended up killing off a squad with his shooting, and failed to be able to charge, giving me an extra turn of shooting. I was able to drop down the two combat heralds, and half of the screamers. My riptide also managed to break free of the demonettes and came over to bog down the screamers the following turn.
Hit and run on my commander allowed me to save a large portion of my army one he did make it to combat. Which I was then able to shoot one more turn, before bogging him down with commander and riptide for three turns. We kept rolling and the game kept going till bottom of seven, He got the riptide down to 1 wound left, but couldn't break free. With first blood and slay the warlord, and he got line breaker the game ended 8-6 in my favor. He made about one two many small squads of demonettes from the portaglyph trying to kill my riptide, and I threw my kroot away too early.

People are saying D weapons are there to balance out things like ScreamerStar. While I agree it would help lessen their prevalence, the damage it would do against most other armies is also terrifying. Even in a kill point game, you have a chance against screamer star, you just really have to play the mission.

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