Monday, December 9, 2013

A week of Escalating Assault Day: 1

By TheGraveMind
I actually don't like Will Ferrel, but this is too good to pass up.
So Escalation and Stronghold Assault have come out, and to celebrate I have some special posts planned this week. Today I'll start with a Fortification.

While I didn't get on their kickstarter, I watched closely and waited for their online shop to open. This is from Brush4hire, who do some awesome laser cut terrain. This was my first time dealing with them, and over all I'm pretty happy. They had some initial delays getting all of the kickstarters and pre-orders out, but over all a great quality product.

On to the pictures.

 While not balsa wood, it is a somewhat soft particle wood, but should hold up to normal wargamming usage. They are laser cut, with a few little stubs left to keep them on. I recommend using a knife to cut these last attachment points, so you don't break or splinter your piece.

 They come with clear hexagonal shields. They have different options for colors, a wide range of colors in fact. The back peels off to make it see through. It is hard to get it started, but easy once you get a grasp.
 Each section is made up of two outer sides, a center piece to hold the the shield and two smaller feet that hold it all together.
 It is a tight fit, so you'll have to gently force them on. It stays together very well, but I went ahead and placed a drop of elmers glue on the bottom just to make sure.

As you can see, just the perfect height. And before I forget, they also have eldar and necron defense lines. You'll have to build your own quad gun like I did.

I'm extremely happy with my new Tau Defense line, and I can't wait to get it fully painted. Expect to see this a lot more in future battle reports, I love me a good Defense line with Quad gun.


  1. Ha! Perfect use of the old Cyclic Ion Blaster.

    1. Yes, i loved the look of those old ones. They can't seem to make then worth it though. I figured ion is S7. And it looks better than missile pods