Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A week of Escalating Assault Day: 3

By TheGraveMind
 So today we are going back to Fortifications. Last time I showed a Tau Defense line. Today I'm going to show a Tyranid one. Well, what would have been if they could use it properly.

Above is my quad gun that I can't shoot as per FAQ.

 So I had seen this at the hobby store, and I knew right away I could use it. I think it is a giant fake artichoke or something like that. Basically I rip off its petals, and they look like giant scales.
 Using my new hotglue gun I also got while at the hobby store, I glued them to a cd base. I cut the bottoms to make them stand up easier. If I were to make a Defense line, I would glue them to a Popsicle stick or something similar.

 Here you can see a Dark Vengeance marine and a hormagaunt hiding behind it. It makes for a good little piece of Tyranid terrain. Maybe that mushroom will become my void shield (spore) generator.

 In ending, another sad picture of my Unused quad gun. Hopefully we wont need it with the new book. Any body else seen some cool tyranid themed Fortifications out there?


  1. Tyranids could have awesome terrain, but the silly rules don't allow it. Hopefully, the new codex will have something. Even if Fortifications were their own immobile creatures, that would be cool.

    1. I know, I was kinda of hoping they get their own Fortification rules, or a special unit that takes up the fort slot. A living quad gun would be amazing.

  2. Love the Artichoke, will have a look if I can find those.

    Check my blog for Tyranid Aegis Defence Line, Bastion and new Capillary towers, I've a Quad Gun too but it's a similar concept to your own. However, if the latest rumour on Faeit is true then we won't have Fortifications at all, might try getting a refund on Stronghold Assault.