Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Apocalypse

By TheGravemind 
Bloomington had their December Apoc game this past weekend. They based it off of the Rescue of the Revenge mission where chaos is boarding an imperial ship. It gave everyone a pretty small deployment area, very close to each other. It also put a size limit essentially limiting the super heavies that could be brought.

 The Imperium had two Ig, Marines, Two Blood angels and Tau
The forces of Evil had 2 necrons, 3 chaos marines, and 1 Daemon player.

The Necron players gave a valiant effort in space. They did their best to hold the midfield asteroid objectives, and maintain air supremacy. But multiple stormravens and tau skimmers took their toll. The chaos shrine was lost. But chaos had the last laugh, and after holding all objectives at turn two, we activated Defile, destroying the objectives the Imperium had given so many lives to claim. 
In the hanger, C'tan and Deamons were carving a path of carnage through the enemy, drawing ever closer to the shine/gun controls. The large squad of deathcompany (white) after winning combat against the Plague forces, gave into the corruption and switched sides. This was a huge event as a 30 man side with a chaplain that had been their main front line defense now turned on them.

The game ended during round 4 I believe at 16 to 12 in the chaos favor. With the objectives destroyed, the Imperium would be hard pressed to make the difference in points. Both sides had almost all Warlords still alive.

It was a very fun game with a great theme. I felt the Good side held back too much at the begining, with over two full forces held back in reserves, they just didn't have the presence in the hangar they needed. Chaos barely had enough psykers to man the shrine from the beginning, and so it was lost easily, giving up a huge chunk of points. The Death company got to aggressive and pressed to far forwards, exposing them to the corruption of the Daemon portal in the hangar opening.


  1. I really feel that the presence of the 2 Necron C'tan kinda ruined what could have been a fun fight in the hanger. Restricting the main source of Imperial strength D weapons (ie Titans), there was just nothing to answer them. Allowing two S D hellstorm templates, but not allowing Titans for "balance" seems kinda counter-intuitive to me.

    The dual reserve armies might have helped, but neither player bringing on their units on turn one hurt. I think there needs to be a better understanding of the rules for Apoc (including for myself), and far... far more attention payed the day of by TO's in terms of understanding what is in each army, and subsequently the forces, to balance these engagements a little more.

    As one of the only players (pretty much the only one after the Death Company fell), it was not exactly a pleasant time facing down a lot of Nurgle and C'tan units all of 5 inches away... and not getting to shoot because of smoke barrage.

    1. I completely agree on basically all accounts. A lot of things added up to make it a massacre inside the hangar.