Saturday, December 7, 2013

New tyranid warriors in Escalation.

By TheGraveMind

Ok, everyone, follow along, I originally dismissed this yesterday, then pulled out my warriors and raveners.

For the prime, first off notice the small adrenal gland crawling on his back. that is a new bit, does not exist at the moment. Also the back vents are slightly different than a raveners, this are thicker and stouter, while a raveners is more like a fin.

On the actual warriors, there is the fleshy part exposed on the knees and ankles, this is at least twice as much as is exposed on the current warriors, and they currently only have one pose.

You can also see that the bonesword arm is different than the current finecast bits. On the back of the primes sword is a knick, where the current ones only have a knick on the front side.

So enough subtle changes that reveal it is probably a new kit, but stays in line with the current models. probably like the marine tactical box. I'd say the small crawling mite on the primes back is the most guaranteed way of saying it is something new.

I originally saw these over at The Warzone . From what I've seen most people are initially calling these just a kit bash (my self included). When Tyranid Veteran players have to do a double take, it means the models fit the current line well.

I feel the warriors might be getting a Tactical squad treatment, a new box, but will basically look the same in the end. The real question is, is the prime part of the box, or a clamshell?

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