Friday, December 13, 2013

Everything is a Lord of War!

By TheGravemind
So Forgeworld put out a PDF on what is considered a Lord of War. This does something good, and something bad. The good, we now basically have a good list of what is allowed, and what it's most current book is.

The bad? Well, they basically allowed everything. Heirophants, mantas, warhound titans. It is all approved. I was hoping for a somewhat balanced version of the list. The revenant being in escalation was bad enough, but could be considered a one off mistake. If they had put a point limitation or something I think it would be possible.

I haven't minded the inclusion of LoW slot, I'm all for it at tourneys, but this new release my make me change my stance. This is just too much, with no real regard.

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