Friday, March 4, 2011

Just a little bit chaos.

This is my Jump pack Chaplain

I'm still trying to figure out  how I want to paint him. I might try and copy Sandwyrms emo-wing look for him.

 This is my Vanguard Seargant  "Vander".

 Right is a Chaos sorcerer I'm going to use as my counts as Mephiston. He fits my theme better. On the left is a mephiston I got on ebay.


  1. Jawaballs had a very cool-looking counts-as Mephiston

  2. The first image looks like he could be part of the Fallen Dark Angels - great stuff.

  3. I've seen Jawaballs Vamp mephiston. It is awesome. I happened to randomly get this extra sorcerer blister at a tourney, and figured count as mephiston would be the best use for him. I don't normally run Mephiston anyways.

    And the Chaplain is my count as Astorath when need be. I really like him, took me a month of planning to gather all the needed pieces.