Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to do...

Nothing largely new going on 40k-wise for me. I brought back the Nids for a close game, So I've been thinking about using them again for a while. I'm still working on painting my Blood angels. I have another 10 man squad and then ICs to paint.

Here is my big thought for the day; Tau or Dark Eldar. I want a more shooty advanced race.... I've almost started tau twice in the past 4 years. I buy a few models and then sell them off. But I really like some of those DE models, and their fluff is good too. I'm leaning towards tau, as I think DE will be to fragile for my tastes, and I'll fall into the same trap I normally do and try to add some Assault units because I like them, and tilt it too much in that favor and end up not having the shooty army I wanted.

The main problem that comes from that is if I were to start Tau, I'd want to do it right. Conversions, spending extra money to get all the pieces I want and making things look great. Basic math has came to near $300 before crisis suits, and crisis suits are like 60% of a tau army.

But, I'm leaving for florida in the morning so Ill have a good amount of time to think about it. Luckily this year I have an internet phone, so I can keep up to date. I'll try and schedule some posts the few times I have internet this coming week.


  1. I almost advise holding off on Tau for a bit in a way. From what I've been hearing rumble around the interenets we could be seeing a new codex within a year that could be radically changing around how Tau work.

    On top of that there's rumor (granted, these are all just rumor) of new suits then too, as well as a new system for customizing them. Of course if you're magnetizing your suits then it's not that big of a deal.

  2. Ya I've heard the same rumors going around. I figured I'd get some infantry and a few tanks, because even if they get new models, I'm happy with how they look as is. My plan is to wait to get any suits, maybe just proxy till the new book. I'm hoping to have some stuff ready before the book hits. And I'm hoping unlike tyranids some older set ups / models are still good.

  3. Yeah, railheads will still be pretty nice in the new 'dex, as will broadsides. If you maganetize the suits you will be better off long term anyway. If you want I can get you the videos on the subject I made.

  4. ya, I'm big on magnets, anything you can share would be appreciated. I take it you have some knowledge of tau?


    And I swear I had the last part (SMS) on my XV 88-2 project there. Gotta try and find the original and re-up.

    Anyway, yeah Tau is the bulk of my collection and first army. That's not to say that I'm good, just that I do it :D