Friday, March 11, 2011

Some painted Tyranids

I decided for a change of pace from the blood angels. Here are some of my favorite Tyranids I've been working on. This is a lictor I painted some time ago. I think it was shortly after the Nid codex came out. I'm pretty proud of him. Picture's a little dark but I put a good amount of detail into him. I normally use him as Death leaper. I had some extra eldar bitz some how, and I put them to good use.

This is my main Tyrant guard. I like what I did with him. Trygon head plate and venomthrope arm. I have two more I made, but they don't look as good as I scrounged bitz together. I still need to paint up the base, and add my "zebra nid" scheme to his armor plating, but he is what I'd consider table top ready.

Here is a ravener I painted up as well. I painted both him and the Guard at the same time, took me less than an hour each to get to this point. I forgot how easy it has become for me to paint my tyranids. Again the stripes are missing, but he is table top if need be. 4 more raveners to go.

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  1. The guard model is a great idea. What did you use for the arms/spikes on his back? Are those mandibles from the Trygon kit?