Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mutha $#@#% Stormraven

 So above is my converted storm raven I made a while ago. I bought the actual kit when it first came out, but have had no need for two of them. So today I have free time, and figured I'd actually start working on it. Well I've heard mostly good reviews of the kit. well here is a bad one.

So I've spent the last two hours and half of a tube of super glue continuously assembling at step 2. This is the step where you put the bottom and top onto the sides. I don't know if my pieces are warped or what is going on, but because the bottom is in two pieces, by the time I glue one, the second one will not fit in properly. Then I tried doing to top to help keep it straight, but the side panels sank in because the bottom doesn't hold them upright. After having superglue all over my hands and an hour wasted I threw it onto the floor. Yep, easter came early as I had to look for the pieces all over the room. Also I broke the front hatch....sigh.

So I decided to also open up the Furioso Dread I had sitting along with it, and luckily that when a lot easier. I simply had to file every single BA icon off of it (which happened to be a lot). I then went back to the storm raven and finally finished step 2 after another hour of work. I'm currently taking another break and then proceeding onto more work of the SR. Pictures of both furioso and Raven will be up soon. Until then, enjoy my converted Storm Raven and Converted Dread.

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