Saturday, March 5, 2011

Storm raven MKII, "Phantom" pattern

 Love it or hate it, This is my storm raven conversion. "Phantom" pattern Gunship. And you thought the standard SR looked bulky. I compressed mine down, repositioned the engine and wings. I wanted a more Helicopter look to it. With all the vector thrust engines it has on the bottom, I'm not too concerned about "physics"

 My next step is to Magnetize the weapon options. I'm still trying to figure out where I want the Cannon options since I took the turret off. A chin mounted spot would be ideal, but take some work. Simply putting them along the hull would be the easiest.
I still need to do touch up work along the engines, but I'm happy enough with it. Put some Evil looking Icongraphy and it might be done. It's a different look from the "Night furry" pattern of my first one.


  1. Actually I can see this working, and the profile is quite nice.

    Kinda looks like the FW Arvus Lander. nice job

    The more stormraven conversions I see the more I am convinced the only thing wrong with the model is that damn top turret.

  2. Yes, I took the turret and am using as a razorback/predator top. fits perfectly once you file down the slots.

  3. fantastic!!!! looks vastly superior to their the 'real' thing. Also, much harder to draw LoS to in game ;)