Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Return of the Tyranids

So I decided to take my tyranids out for a spin today. They preformed better than I had hoped... but I had the bar pretty low. I didn't take any pictures, but I still learned a lot.

My list was
Alpha warrior; lashwhips bonesword, toxin sacs, adrenal glands, scything talons
ymgarl stealers x10
Hive guard x2
Hive guard x2
Warriors x5; Bonesword lashwhips, scything talons, toxin sacs
Tervigon; stinger salvo, toxin sacs, adrenal gland, catalyst
Termagants x10
Raveners x5; scything talons, rending claws
Tyrannofex; rupture cannon, cluster spines, dessicator larvae
Tyrannofex; rupture cannon, cluster spines, dessicator larvae

My Nemesis's list was
Furioso; Blood talons, extra armor
Drop pod
Assault terminators; LCx4, SS/TH x1
Land raider crusader
10 man assault squad; Melta x2, infero pistol and powerfist
10 man assault squad; Melta x2, infero pistol and powerfist
Typhoons x2
Storm raven; lascannon, mutli-melta, extra armor

5 objectives with spear head. I went first.
What I learned from the game, I deployed too aggressively with the tyrannofexes.

I also completely wiffed on my first tun shooting, couldn't hurt the LR, and hive guard failed against the storm raven. He shot one tyrannofex and then assault with terminators taking them out, and put wounds on the other from shooting. Furioso came in and popped smoke. My shooting got me three glances against the dread, and all three cover saves passed. I immobilized the storm raven, lost tyrannofex to multi meltas. His two 10 man squads deep struck behind me, and fired all melta guns into my tervigon. Raveners assaulted the droppod and exploded it, dealing 4 wounds to the squad and killed one

My bonesword warriors assaulted the terminators, and my alpha killed all three by himself. Furioso went on a spree into my warriors and killed three of them, and then my Alpha failed all three no retreat saves. Then ymgarl came in and assaulted one assault squad, while raveners came over and assaulted the other squad with astorath. Astorath did 1 wound, the squad did another, and then raveners killed 4, and power fist killed a ravener. ymgarl slaughtered the other squad. All while two gaunt squads huddled on two objectives hoping to not get shot (tervigon clogged after first turn...sigh)

His furioso went through warriors, hive guard and gaunts. The Crusader took out the other gaunts, and Astorath finally won combat against raveners and they fled. We were going for a draw but the game ended when he killed my last hive guard, tabling me. He had astorath, Land raider, and dreadnought left. Considering those are probably the three kinds of things nids have the most trouble left, it was a decent game.

List isn't great but it's solid enough. More tweaks to come, and I  think I might have gotten some motivation to model and paint some Nids.

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