Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here's Johnny!!

I'm back!
So the word in the blog-o-sphere is that today is Old stuff day. Well, I felt that it was time enough to bring back the old hunt. I still plan on posting on the back 40k just as often, but I'll be updating my Works in progress here, and just mulling over random ideas I may have.

When I last left off, it was October and my Blood angels were my secondary force I was still learning how to use. I was in the midst of assembling them, and they were running as the plastic marines. Well in the time of my absence here, I've completed my forces, but have made little painting progress. I've taken the Plasma Drakes to a couple tournaments now (battle count has been updated this whole time), and I feel they have became my primary army now. The tyranids still hold a good place in my heart, although it could be a parasite, and I still think about them and are working on them occasionally.

So my plans here are to start showing off some of my Plasma drake models, hopefully to motivate me to paint more of them. Work has been hectic this last month, and I really haven't been blogging that much, as I haven't felt like I've had all that much to say. Expect the first few posts to be mostly pictures until I figure out a good post schedule.

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